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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Starting To Feel like….

Another snow day in February- oh dear God get me out of my house. Day two of Hurricane survival and the survival has nothing to do with outside but rather inside with children. Please, Im not asking for much- a trip to the Rite Aid would do- I would even settle for Home Depot just to get out of my house.  My head hurts from talking on the phone with everyone who is bored and it's too early in the day for wine so I have to resort to other things.

I have organized four kitchen drawers and I believe my house is immaculate. Im trying to stop myself from shopping online so I decided to write. I still just may head to my favorite places online to order things from… dare I say Sephora and Bloomingdales. I need a distraction as I just threatened my kids that I would make them play outside if they didn't stop bickering. It made me laugh as I said it.. so much for being threatening. I don't have the energy at the moment.

Oh boy, now they are playing in a very rowdy manner, this makes me insane. I might have to yell but again… for what. They enjoy watching me get heated as apparently Im amusing when Im angry.  Is there a Starbucks open anywhere… anything out there. Perhaps I will just go in my room and hide for awhile. Too bad I got rid of the TV in my room the same day as my ex moved out. Ugh.. Im going shopping - to Sephora right from my Kitchen. I feel better already. xo

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Doug Hardy, iMN said...

hang in there - help is on the way, albeit slowly