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Friday, July 15, 2011

A Letter To My Readers xo

Good Morning-- It's been a world wind for me this past week. Im so excited that Suburban Adventure will be a regular feature in all of the Mainstreet connect online publications. . This growing and successful online creation is read all over Fairfield County and Westchester and growing.
Suburban Adventure will  be read by over one million readers. I have also been offered several freelance positions and have made  new friends with people all over the world
 I have opened my heart and soul with each one of you. I trust that in some way, my openness may help you with some of the difficult aspects that we are all burdened with at one point or another. Whether you live in the US or a million miles away- the one thing that binds us as human beings is our need to be loved and our grief when we mourn the losses in our lives
 Here is a kind letter that I received. It was extremely meaningful and I left out the last few lines as I wanted to respect his privacy in regard to his address.

 I will gladly answer any letter that I receive and offer whatever guidance that I have personally used to traverse the difficulties of my personal life. Thank you for allowing me to open my heart to you. It has been a pleasure and I find the connections that I have made with you unbelievably satisfying. Thank you for your friendship and may you find strength in your soul to accept difficulty with confidence. 

I look forward to hearing from you. xo xo- Please feel free to email me at

Dear Michelle, 

Please don't mention that; pleasure is all mine for connecting to you - someone who got full control of a challenging life rather than surrendering to it as most of us would do! Hats down to your courage and determination and I'm I'll learn alot from you. 

Yes, I live in Pakistan in Karachi - largest harbor city and commercial hub. Pakistan's a beautiful country with hospitable people but unfortunately currently under lot of unrest due to fight against terrorism and its aftereffects; all this surely has a negative pschological impact on hundred millions of people like me who want to live a peaceful, happy life. I very much doubt that you'd ever visited Pakistan; maybe I can invite you once conditions go back to normal here :o) 

I'd never been to US though I've a US professional qualificaiton (through distant learning) and am also working in a US organization here. Its a huge organization so our regional hub is in Dubai which leaves minimal opportunities for us to travel to US. 

I wish I could learn the habit of calming myself down as you mentioned. You'll agree that stress is something which mostly originates from within us and if external conditions are also voilent and ugly (see any day's internet edition of any of our newspapers, for example), it increases the intensity and chances of keeping your cool are really thin. 

Do put me on your mailing list. We can actually talk though have to watch huge time zone difference..

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