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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Don't Fade Away

I love photos and have them in every room of my house, in fact other than jewelry- my photos are of the most value to me. When we lose our loved ones- there is great comfort in surrounding your home with beautiful photos of a time when their life was full of vigor and hope. I cherish the photos of my grandparents and great grandparents. I have all of their immigration papers and passports from Italy. They are framed and hanging in my hallway in memory of them.

I always fantasize about what life was like back in Italy for my ancestors and grab any glimpse into my family's history that is possible. It's like putting together a large puzzle that's missing quite a few pieces. As I grow older I think about the women in my family. We are a beautiful blend of all of our  ancestors, maternal and paternal- alive and dead. There are traits that we each have that are genetically coded and therefore passed down. I often wondered where my figure originated from as my Mother is a tiny, petite woman- I on the other hand happen to be curvy and much taller. My question was answered when I stumbled upon a picture of my Great grandmother sitting in a chair, my Mother and I laugh about this as the resemblance in bodies is remarkable.

I see my Grandmother in my Mother and in fact as she ages- I can almost hear the voice of my Grandmother. Given the resemblance, I don't have to wonder what she will be like in ten or more years. What motivated the women in my family, did they worry about the same things that occupy my mind, were they happily married or did they secretly pine for someone else.  The threads that bind us must be somewhat similar. My wish would be to sit down with five generations of the females in my family and talk to them candidly. Im quite sure that would be one heck of a round table. Fiery, stong passionate Italian women. Im quite certain that some of my personality traits would be easily recognized. 

I always tell people to take many photos especially of their parents and label them. As time goes by- no one remembers who anyone is and people fade into the past as if they never existed. It's a sad thought to me however it is the reality..

 Can you tell who your great great great great grandparents are.. they were alive one day and had many of the same struggles and passions that you have experience today. Perhaps you have their eyes, or their smile and the same work ethic or stubbornness or aggressiveness. It's a shame that our relatives become strangers with time.  Our ancestral connections are deep, take some time to learn about the roots and history of your family. It is not only fascinating but important in understanding yourself, your interior being and all that makes you who you are.

 I have another great reason to go back to Italy- perhaps this time it will be to Sicily where my father's side of the family is from. They still live in a very small village near Palermo- My parents went to see them years ago and the village has been anticipating their arrival,  they had a parade for them and they celebrated my parents.  To be related to a doctor in the United States was a wonderful gift. They knew my Mother was a doll collector so one of the little girls gave her a doll from their village and my parents were treated like royalty. I can imagine that one of those women had the same energy level as I have and perhaps the same eyes or face... I would love to experience that one day. xo

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