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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Men and Women

Reading is a great passion of mine and more often than not, I have a book in my bag or in my car. I spend alot of time waiting- at the bus-stop, the doctors office, the pick-up line at school, tennis club, creative music and the car wash just to name a few. Today while I was waiting for the kids to get off the bus, I grabbed one of my Greek classics books from my college days. I love reading Greek mythology and literature so I thought I would enrich my mind if only for fifteen minutes.

I flipped open the book and landed on Plato- one of my favorite philosophers. I find Greek mythology interesting yet women are often depicted as evil. Plato taught that there was no Hades, that the true punishment of men was to endure women. I clearly don't like this idea despite the fact that I have met plenty of witchy women in my life but evil- that might be taking it a step too far. I also know plenty of men who would never consider spending time with a beautiful and smart woman- something that must be endured.

After all, God created women and stated that all of God's works are wonderful thus women must be wonderful. As I continued to flip through my philosopy-literature book, I came upon one of the oldest pieces in European literature, Homer's Illiad.

Homer believed that women were the cause of all difficulty and misery. Come on Homer, clearly you have not dated the right woman and come to think of it- perhaps women were not your cup of tea.

While I love philosophy and ancient European literature, I certainly do not like to observe the fact that Western misogyny was so rooted into the culture. All of this however does not bother me because I know the truth- MEN NEED WOMEN. Yes, you heard me correctly. They need their nurturing, beauty, sexuality, intelligence and insight. They need their sense of order and family as well as spirit. Most of all they need their companionship, compassion, sensitivity as well as their communication skills. I know that there are men out there that may disagree with my observation but it is obvious.

The most interesting aspect of the dynamic between men and women is that women are always viewed as the ones who need and want more out of a relationship. Perhaps men are simply not as communicative and therefore their desires are not heard quite as loudly. I grew up in a male-dominated family with a very traditional upbringing. My father treated my Mother and I with great respect and admiration. He was thankful for the qualities that my Mother brought to the table and expressed himself quite well. My brothers are both happily married to successful, accomplished and beautiful women. It is clear to me that they respect them and have not only great love for them but need them as well.

I understand that Men do not like to admit that they need women. Gentlemen- sorry to spill the beans but Im on to all of you. Ladies- you have to have confidence in yourself and value all of the great qualities that are your strengths. Intelligence, beauty, sexuality, compassion, warmth and the ease of communication. Listen to your instinct and don't let your insecurities get the best of you. Take care of yourself and be capable of enriching your mind and your body as well as your soul. Focus on all of your positive qualities and steer your own ship. Plato and Homer- I wish we could spend the day together so I could have the opportunity to show you the truth about women.

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