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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

For Sale

I was told to bake cookies or light a vanilla candle should I have a prospective buyer for my home. I thought I was supposed to bury St.Joseph upside down and facing my house, now I have to bake as well.
I thought the nine day novena was a shoe in for a quick sale. It must be time to bury another one as my house has been on the market for sixty days. Is there an expiration on the St.Joseph house selling kit, perhaps mine was stale. St.Joseph is the Patron Saint for selling a home. Italian people have a Saint for many an occasion.

Selling a home is simply not a fun experience. I spent the entire winter getting rid of everything from clothing to garden tools. I made my ex-husband remove all of his radio memorabilia from my basement and the kids were on a mission to see how many books we could pass on to those not as fortunate. I keep a very tidy house, however I found myself cleaning on a whole other level. Pictures would have to be taken down and furniture would be moved, so every single little dust bunny would have to relocate. I had my floors refinished which is a royal headache but they look beautiful. A fresh coat of paint made my house smell new and it made me want to buy it all over again. Not really-

Christopher embraced all of this as he is an extremely orderly guy, his room is the neatest in all of my house. He makes his bed and straightens up without reminder. Giavanna, however has a girly collection of stuff that she cherishes. She has a more relaxed attitude towards clutter and is not quite as orderly. Im working on this and she has certainly made tremendous progress, thankfully. I slowly began to hide toys in the basement and if they did not notice them missing- away they went to a local charity.

This April I was ready to list my house. I had mentally and physically prepared for the event. I was given a multitude of suggestion by realtors on showing my home. They told me to put away all pictures, any personal items and basically any sign of real life. Clear off the kitchen counters and make sure plates and glasses are lined up in Crate and Barrel fashion. It was alot of work and I have to be honest. I disagree about the picture thing. Pictures symbolize life and home- I put away some photos but I did not remove all of them. If a person can not see beyond a picture of my family then this is not the house for them. Im fine with that. I can't live in a sterile environment-the warmth and comfort of our home is an environment that has been beneficial on many levels to all three of us.

I also had to deal with telling my children that we were moving. I had been hinting for awhile and at first it was met with resistance. Kids don't like change. I specifically did not move right after my divorce despite my desire to do so. I wanted them to feel safe and secure and grounded. I waited until I made sure that my divorce had not jarred their sense of security or spirit. I put their comfort,happiness and security over my own. I truly handled my divorce with great care regarding my children. I was strategic about the timing of everything and honest with them. I assured them, communicated with them and gave them an environment that was peaceful and loving. I had navigated the storm with grace and success but not without tremendous effort. I believe that you reap what you sow.
I presented all of the wonderful and positive aspects about moving. A neighborhood where we see human life, a road that you can ride your bike on, a group of kids to play with and perhaps a pool. It was all happy and exciting to them. I successfully took the fear of the unknown and replaced it with excitement of the next chapter.

The sign went up, the brokers open occured and the influx of potential buyers started to filter in. My house is immaculate and remains so. I keep it in showing condition at all times, and in fact I plan to continue living like this in our next home. My children see that the market is so slow that we won't be going anywhere anytime soon. They have no fears as I have decided to stay in our quaint and charming town. It's not the city but it has been good to us. It's a wonderful place to raise children and the school system is top-notch. I simply do not need four acres and a house made for six or more people. This is my third home, the third time that Im living in a house that is too much, too big and too much maintainence. I don't need grandiose. Im experienced enough to know that the inside of your home is where the happiness lives. Sure the ride up the driveway is beautiful but it lasts a minute and a half. My next house will be pretty, well-maintained and warm. It will represent our family and be an environmnent of love, respect and comfort. It won't be 4200 square feet and when I walk outside I will see life around me that has two legs instead of four. If you know anyone who wants to buy a beautiful home on a perfect piece of property, you know where to find me. Oh, and the friendly animal menagerie is an added bonus.

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