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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Splendor In The Grass- Almost...

Im still thinking about our journey yesterday to the Hudson Valley. My Mother grew up in the Newburgh area and the majority of my relatives have remained there. I am always in awe of the breathtaking view as you approach the valley, and it reminds me of our relatively frequent Sunday trips to visit my grandparents. I miss them and the traditions that accompanied them. I would always enjoy the initial excitement that was on the faces of both of my grandparents as they anxiously awaited our arrival. I loved exploring their large home and enjoyed imagining what life was like for my Mother growing up in that household.

It isn't until we are older and wiser that we really give much thought to how our parents are brought up. Yesterday, we had a gracious invitation to a barbecue, which was lovely and had the back drop setting of a European country side. I couldn't get over the beauty of the property and thought it was an amazingly beautiful place to live. Barbara, our gracious hostess had tables set up with white linen tablecloths that blew in the wind and looked very pretty. The weather was perfect, the company was so kind and the setting was movie set material.

It prompted me to dwell on my grandparents, my great-grandparents as well as my parents. Why do we live where we live- what motivates us to stay in the same town or propels us to move away as far away as possible. As a child, I always wanted to live near all of my relatives. I would spend summers with them and I loved it. My Grandmother would take me shopping and we had such a good time together. She loved my company and I loved being with her. At night, we would head to my cousins house, they lived in a large neighborhood filled with kids. I grew up in a family of boys, so it brought me great delight to hang out with my female cousins. I would often fantasize that I could live with my Aunt and Uncle as there home was always so vibrant and full of life. They had neighbors all around who were actually friendly and inviting. I believe this has become a thing of the past. I seldom hear people tell me that they are great friends with their neighbors. Children barely go outside anymore. Yesterday children were running around playing, the air smelled of steak and barbecued chicken and the environment was perfect.... it was all perfect until the attention turned to me. I hate when that happens.

I don't enjoy all eyes being upon me. I made a great partner to my ex-husband in one area. I certainly let him enjoy all of the attention that he received when we lived in Boston. He was a local celebrity and people always wanted to meet him. I happily smiled and had no problem with him soaking in the adoration of his fans. I was happy that they liked him as I knew it equaled high ratings. This all equaled job security which is typically an unknown comfort in radio.

Yesterday, all eyes were indeed upon me. As we were enjoying a lovely outdoor meal, complete with beautiful china my chair decided to break. It was a wooden chair that clearly had been soaked with all the rain of the past week. I was sitting at a table that was slightly away from the rest of the party. Sort of like being on a stage, well that's what it felt like as I made my grand debut in the grass. Without any sort of warning,my chair collaped. It caused me to fall backward in a very awkward position. It was completely horrifying. I was in such a strange position that I could not jump back up like I usually do if I fall. I could have a broken leg and I will get up so fast that it would make your head spin. Not yesterday, and to make matters worse I was wearing a short skirt and big wedge heels. What could be worse as I begged my friend to help me get up and fast. He had a big smile and was trying not to crack up. He was unsuccessful as apparently it was an amusing sight. All the kids were laughing and as I finally got my act together I looked toward my "audience". Apparently they found it all very amusing as I laughed and brushed the grass off of my legs. Im fine and thank you all for your concern. Please move on to another topic and stop grinning at me.

I always find the best way to navigate through the embarrassing moments in life is with humor. Get the attention off of me and fast. My Aunt Edith particularly got a kick out of my acrobatics so I think of her smiling as she reads this. "Im here to entertain you", I proclaimed and clearly it worked. Who knew I had a potential career in comedy. I think Christopher and my brother Anthony got the biggest charge out of my little accident. It made me wish my Grandfather was present so he could reprimand them. Just kidding, he would have laughed as well. Im happy that I continue to delight and amuse others. If you can't laugh at your self when life requires just that, I would suggest that you work on it.

Buffy, I can't wait to share my maid of honor story with everyone. I believe that was my MOST embarrasing moment thus far in my entire life. Stay tuned folks...this is only the beginning.

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