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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Brothers and Sisters

I had a very busy day yesterday coupled with Giavanna home due to a sore throat. I went to bed after one thirty in the morning. My intention was to sleep until at least six, but thanks to the chorus of birds singing, once again I'm up and ready to go at four forty-five. The aspect that perplexes most is that I'm not tired and have to force myself to stay in bed until five thirty. I can't wait to get up and start turning on my best friend, his name is Mr. Keurig and shame on you for thinking that I was going to mention someone's name.

I wonder how Christopher is enjoying natures classroom. I smile as I imagine him dissecting a pig and participating in other math or science experiments. He clearly loves both subjects and I attribute this to my father and my brothers who have been the best role models for him that life could provide. I'm thankful for the gift of being related to good, solid, intellectual and cultured men. Im thrilled when I see traits of Bravo men alive and well in not only Christophers demeanor but in his intellect and quest for knowledge as well.

My brother Anthony and I are only 18 months apart and have always been extremely close. We have very different personalities and opinions about life but I respect and love him immensely. I always think of him as much older than me. I suspect this is because I have a high regard for his intellect and for his calming ability in stressful situations. He is more serious and much more conservative than I am He has helped me through all of lifes passages and challenges.
This goes back to kindergarden. I was crying one day as I imagined of my parents boarding a plane to Europe. I can recall big, fat, hot tears streaming down my face. My teacher actually called Anthony to comfort me. He was only in first grade but I can recall hugging him and I didn't have to say a word -his presence was calming even back then.

When I was around five, we often took a ride in the summer evenings to go to baskin robbins. One night i ordered bubble gum ice cream much to the dismay of my Father who warned me that it would be "vile". Indeed it was vile and I strongly disliked it. Anthony gave me his chocolate cone and took the bubble gum one. He ate it despite the fact that I'm quite sure he hated it more than I. His character had already been shaped at such a tender age.
Since my father has died he has stepped up to the plate in every possible fashion. I will never forget the day my father left for the hospital, we knew that he would not be returning home and so did he. My father winked at me as he combed his hair. He was quite a man and comforted me on his own death bed. His kindness and generous spirit are kept alive in both of my brothers and I see it in Christopher.
Every thought of my brother is of respect He is truly the most intelligent and kind-hearted person I know. He is like this to his family and friends and to complete strangers. It's often hard to express ourselves to our family members. He is unhappy with me at the moment as we had a slight disagreement. We have our differences but I always listen and respect everything that he says. I have to help him today with something at my Mothers home- I'm hoping that perhaps he will have read this by then. I'm a harmonious person so I alway strive for peace and calm in all of my relationships. A good friend of mine once said that each of our families are little mini insane asylums. It is an expression that always makes me laugh and i believe there is some truth to it. We have to nurture and tend to our family relationships. At times it is more challenging than others yet the richness that it will add to your life is immense. I hope he is not still upset with me or I'm going to go buy him a large bubble gum ice cream cone from Baskin Robbins.

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